I am angry! I am furious! I can't believe it.

I was just ticketed by a cop for parking in a handicap zone. They didn't care that I had a Mercedes Benz. They didn't care that I consider myself a citizen journalist. They didn't care that I've attended a protest in the past. They ticketed me and accused me of breaking the law.

They have gone too far now! Just because a sign says a parking spot is handicap parking, that doesn't mean it's only reserved for people with disabilities. It just means that normal people shouldn't park there.

Now I'm expected to show up to traffic court and go through something called due process. Which is a ridiculous fucking concept because everyone I already told on my twitter feed knows I'm innocent and would never break the law without a good reason or excuse.

Why can't the government just understand that the rules don't apply to me? I shouldn't be held to the same standards as everyone else. Why doesn't the cop and judge care about how many twitter followers I have? This is unfair. This is a crime.

I'm going to tweet out a picture of my car parked in the handicap parking spot and see if people on twitter think I should be held accountable. They say I shouldn't be held accountable because I'm popular.