I remember it was middle school, maybe earlier. Our teacher was out sick, and we had a substitute filling in for us. Relegated to reading assignments a few students got bored and distracted then began to talk and act out. The substitute reminded us to raise our hands and ask questions but otherwise to respect each other's learning environments. A few students continued on with their talking and joke telling. The substitute then announced, "Fine, if you all are done with your readings, you're ready for the work sheets." and passed out the papers for us to complete. A few continued their talking and acting out. The substitute then announced, "Students, I know this may not seem important to you now, but the fact that all of you are together in this classroom represents years of struggle. When I was a child, I wasn't allowed in a classroom like this until myself and others fought for our education. We fought and won that right to education, so that the next generation, all of you here today, would be able to right the next wrongs of our society. And we are counting on you. So please raise your hand and ask questions if you need help, but otherwise please focus on your readings and finish your assignments." A few students continued on with their talking and joke telling. One of the few chortled, "Yes, that's correct, she fought for you to be here, so you better behave and act right, or you'll ruin it for the whole lot of you." The substitute responded, "That's incorrect young one, we didn't fight for one race or group of people to have the right to education, we fought so that all of you, even little shits like you, could learn together with each other."