When i was about 9 my family moved into a new home,it was a newly built house but from the very first day i was terrified of the place.. there would be nights that i wouldn't get up to go to the bathroom because it gave me the creeps anyways a couple of years pass,i now share my room with my younger sister..now in my room there use to be carpets at that time and also im from a tropical country so geckos ran around all the time..well one night i woke up in the middle of the night to hear movement on my carpet,i thought it was the geckos but i quickly realize it was foosteps ..i am now fully awake hearing foosteps in my room, I sit and and look around ..the foosteps starts making its way towards me ..it stops at the foot of my bed ..i am literally not seeing anything but i know its there..the odd thing is i wasn't scared i just nodded and went back to sleep as i was starting to drift of i heard the foosteps leaving my bedroom.. nothing like that has ever happened again