My goodness, I don't know what I would do without the magical creatures we share this world with shepherding me and us through these trying times. Every time I lose my way or get tempted to seek comfort in silence or grow weary of the narrow way, a little gremlin shows up and reminds me of why we started this journey. It truly is a magical thing.

Gremlins are very misunderstood creatures. While it'd be inaccurate to say their cinematic rendering doesn't do them justice, they are known for their showtunes and chorus lines, a wise wizard knows how to properly channel these creatures to engage a higher purpose. Their proclivity for mischief and mayhem may have its roots in evil, but since evil is known to seed its own destruction, these creatures behave most interestingly with a simple watcher spell.

A watcher spells doesn't not render their mischief inert or cancel it, but rather transforms it into something useful. A gremlin is unable to harm or cause serious injury while under a watcher spell, so while their acts of mischief remain, they become little more than annoying reminders of the path to peace and fortune.

Relegated to minor mischief, the creatures will now remind you to buy soy milk by placing the empty one in front your doorway. They'll remind you to get a haircut by placing your barber's business card in the dryer. They'll alert the magistrate to crime among the townsfolk by strewing books across the floor.

And that's what wizarding is all about, redirecting the flow of energy into more positive outcomes for communities.