I'm sorry



This is a good one.
Notice how OP begins with recitations of hate. These feelings of hate are normalized and projected as external forces controling the OP rather than their own internal choice to engage in acts of hatred. They are also all completely avoidable with planning.

Don't like grocery shopping? You don't need to hate it. get it delivered or maybe ask a friend to help you.
Don't like holiday shopping? Beyond the social pressure, you have no obligation to engage in it. These are also things you can have delivered or ask a friend to help you with.
Don't like stupid people? Then you don't have to engage with them. Stupid is always an interesting word to use alongside hate. Why do you HATE these stupid people? Do they remind you of yourself currently or at another time? Does this HATE of yours extend to the developmentally disabled? Who in this world is deserving of your hate and why?

Notice the hint of self-awareness "I was already on edge," the OP was on edge but rather than finding an internal mechanism of self-control, they made a choice to instead attempt to control the bodies and behaviors of others.

Next the OP, witnesses an event that had absolutely nothing to do with them. A conversation between a store worker and a store patron.

Perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the circumstances and the need to feel some sort of control over their own internal anxiety the OP then makes the personal decision, as they are self-aware of themselves being on edge, to then engage and attempt to control a woman who was already visibly angry.

We do not know the gender of the OP. We do not know the vaccination or health status of the "angry" woman. There is no mask mandate for Oregon or Portland. Businesses generally have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

The OP saw someone exhibiting what they may have considered dangerous behavior during a pandemic and made the personal decision to close the amount of distance between themselves and that person.

An unmentioned event happens.
The OP expresses regret for the outcome of their decision making, while not taking responsibility for the decision itself. The OP expresses guilt for their decisions effect on the worker.

The OP's behavior is a fairly common reaction to stress. Many people would rather take measures to control their environment and those within it rather than be mindful of their own behaviors and effect on the world.

Some people believe that the world must conform to their own beliefs, that the world owns them a relief from stress and anxiety, rather than confronting the reality that it's up to each of us to find a way to manage and take responsibility for our own feelings and actions. These are not things you need to do alone, but the first step is to recognize that responsibility yourself and ask for help to manage your own feelings on behalf of our community.


"There is no mask mandate for Oregon or Portland."

Did I miss the memo on this one?

No qualms with the rest of your reply. That part just caught me unaware. Please let me know where you got that info.... Thanks!


@2 I was confused too.


Well, the OP's perception and Psych0's misinformation is understandable. Kate can't seem to get her shit together long enough to be consistent about much of anything, so it's absurd to expect anyone else to.


It is.
Her inconsistent approach at managing the single most significant event of our time, and her unwillingness to manage enforcement, has led to mass confusion. Psych0 is the perfect example. What is it today? Mask or no mask, restaurant in or take out?

It's the governor's fault that she is incapable to listening to the science instead of monied business interests. Three times she has relaxed "safe practices" standards such as masks and gatherings, mere days following pleas from the NIH, CDC, and epidemiologists across the country to strengthen them because of what the data was showing. 'Safe Standards' that she was reluctant to institute from the very beginning.

She hasn't got a fucking clue how to do the job she lobbied for. All she needs to do is listen to the science, and not the fucking donors.
She's fantastic as long as decisiveness isn't needed.
And that is solely her fault


Indoors … mask
Outdoors … no mask

Or whatever you want to ensure yours and others’ safety.

Who care what the government says or does? It’s up to us to solve this. That was evident from the moment I heard orange dipshit say “now it’s 10, soon it will be zero”.

How fucking hard is this to comprehend?

I’m out. Good luck to you all.


Agreed, and actually,
I like Kate the family law attorney just fine. It's Kate of 'the party right or wrong' that I find difficult to stomach.

It is so disappointing that there is not a singularly consistent message out of the governor's office that can put these issues to rest.

"State Of Emergency, Public Health Crisis, The Orders Remain In Effect Until The Crisis Has Passed"

Nothing terribly difficult about that.

You're absolutely right, the people working these jobs have it hard enough already, to have to manage idiots and shit stains on top of it all is unconscionable. That's the governor's job. Her only job in fact.

With the stroke of a pen, the governor can empower them by removing the ambiguity and haphazard mentality these workers are faced with.

But Kate is content to lead from behind, leaving the minimum wage employee to inform the moron about the current iteration of indecisiveness.