we shall overcome





we need to Remember
Greed is a Deadly Sin
it's what gave us the
Covid in Spades

goodnite bern


We need to remember the workers have rights.
We need to remember how many people have accepted government salaries for their criminally inept performance.
We need to remember that justice delayed is justice denied.
We need to remember to ask for forgiveness.
We need to remember to hold our standards high.
We need to remember that lies and deception only happen in specific circumstances.
We need to remember the political class he lost their minds.
We need to remember that lug nuts budge.
We need to remember that we wrote all this down together.
We need to remember to BREAK the fall for others.


@Berny5, I agree we are pretty much at the "Z" end of things and many prefer to remain asleep rather than to awaken to reality. Almost everything has been revealed. One point I've always taken issue with is the labeling of human operated accounts as bots. I think its inherited misleading. I mean I do get it. These people are basically robots not acting entirely different from mindless programed machines but calling them bots fails to credit the true sadness of their enterprise. I've always thought of them as zombies, still hyper aggressive mindless drones, but driven to attack and attempt to devour those with brains as their own minds and flesh rot and waste away. They always reveal their true nature.

You did with you very first comment attacking Dan Savage.

Remembering the fine details and properly researching a role is what separates good actors from bad ones.

Don't worry, you've been nominated for a Razzie.