fatherhood is more than sperm donation



All of this is so fucked up. I think this one crosses the line. Obviously, people need to be held accountable for their crimes against the community and our society. But this is not the way to do that. Airing this publicly rather than trying to reach out to the person is unfairly cruel.
We also need to hold our community and society accountable for crimes against groups and individuals. None of these problems are new in any sense of the word. None of these problems are unknown. These criminals deserve to be treated with dignity and have their rights respected.

Please stick to the issues and matter at hand. It's true, they are criminals, but they are also respected in their own communities. It's true, they made be performing these actions to pre-empt their prosecution, but that doesn't diminish the objective benefit these positive actions bring to our community. They totally get credit for that.

This is about justice and fairness. This is about helping families survive and flourish in the face of some of the most difficult hardships we've ever asked people to endure in the name of democracy.

It should absolutely be noted that these individuals were also victims and targets of ne'er before seen psychological influence campaigns attempting to influence and control their behaviors. These are people who have most definitely been manipulated into these roles and positions.

It's true. Everyone makes their own choices and is responsible for the fallout of those decisions. But this is an opportunity to show how we account for the kindness in our society while we also account for the crimes.

I will be saying a prayer for each one of them and for their families. We must use these opportunities for justice to break the cycle of intergenerational pain and stop its advance through our species.

There is an infinite amount of hope in the universe, and it's on us to make it ours.