Have a friend or loved one in an Oregon prison?



What’s worse is many people are there on false evidence or trumped up charges based on statements from incredible politically and financially motivated characters.

At times they force people into solitary confinement and even into medical programs and procedures without their consent.

Can you believe that some people think just because a guard or a lawyer or a warden has done some good things in the past that we should completely ignore the crimes they’ve committed against human rights?

It’s bewildering. The truth is many of them are engaged in a deep denial of the reality of their actions. Some feel they are untouchable as they can argue their way out of anything and intimidate any potential witnesses who come forward. But that’s not going to happen, in many cases these war criminals took notes about their actions and submitted it in records others even bragged online about their behavior, mocking those they callously and unthinkingly attacked.

These people are poorly positioned for the future, justice is coming, I only wish they’d find some way to fairly reconcile their crimes so society can benefit from their intellect.

The overt corruption is disgusting and staggering. Now that the feds have a resolution with the PPB, we may start to see some serious legal fire power directed at these issues.

They think they know what’s coming for them, but they have exponentially underestimated what happens next.

Are there any lawyers behind bars who can help with this?


A genocidal manic once helped Germany quit smoking.

Sadaam Hussein educated Iraqis out of poverty

Hiroshito published scientific reports on botany

Kim Jong II wrote some operas that achieved popularity outside North Korea.

Jim Jones was fed the poor and was named to a Human Rights Commission.

Mao Zedong and Stalin wrote poetry.

Francisco Franco was also a talented painter.

Pol pot was a university professor.

Gaddaffi brought free health care, housing, and education to Libya without any national debt.

Al Capone ran a soup kitchen.

Escobar built soccer stadiums.

John Wayne Gacy volunteered for democrats.

Ted Bundy volunteered at suicide hotlines.

That’s not to mention all those who try to argue the benefits of colonization and exploitation of humans and the natural world in the name of the economy.

There are many who still celebrate the horrors of Columbus and the first thanksgiving.

People can hide behind a facade of moral virtues and uprightness but it’s their actions and behaviors that defines them in the eyes of history.

If someone is experienced in civil and human rights law, then uses those skills to maliciously conspire to mislead the court and deprive others of their civil and human rights. They have provided a precedent and a blueprint to extremists like Trump attack others with.
They have revealed their true values and motivations to the world. And be certain the whole world is watching.

Confession heals the soul. It also helps at sentencing.


I honestly don't care. It's prison. It's really easy to avoid prison, don't break the law. Don't be a felon. Yes, sometimes innocent people go to prison, but by far the most people in prison aren't innocent.


Prison is the easiest thing not to be in. Don't be a dick and don't hurt other people. You'll stay out of prison forever and none of these things will effect you. If you choose to love someone who's a piece of shit felon, that's on you. Don't expect others to cry your alligator tears for them though. Because, well, they're in prison.