Thoughts on I-5



Evil does seem to maintain power by suppressing the truth.


Who's ready for the next level? I'm more than ready to talk about my trip to China with the Mayor, "Global Sustainability", the Future of Sport, and the past few years of content found on my devices that are already publicly available online via Tor.

Nike will stick by me no matter the risk of collateral damage to their brand through their association with me.

I often think about how John McCain would have monetized, and catalyzed democratic decay were he still alive.


They just did something to a certain pocket of domains. And we're probably right, it would make sense to find some emails on the topic.... .... .... Yup.

Don't sweat the small stuff, we will always find work arounds. The more they tighten their grip, the more star systems will slip through their fingers.

I'd vote for some form of disclosure, I can't say where to start though.

(Gigli is a much better film than Green Lantern by the way. The things we do for women...)


Yeah… anyway…

“The future is neither light nor dark, it's what we make it.”

Is an incredibly stupid statement to make on so many levels.

The future is bright, we know this because we have seen the results of progress in the past and the consequences of cultural regression in the dark ages, something that was a direct result of humans losing distributed access to truth and knowledge.
If it’s what we make of it, why would we entertain the notion of darkening our own future. We have learned time and time again, over the course of thousands of generations, that darkness and the covering over of knowledge only leads to the exploitation and suffering of our human brothers and sisters. It’s not uncommon for those who spout this type of rhetoric to have some sort of personal, political, or financial interest in the obscuring of relevant knowledge from the public.
This is the exact type of language used by maniacs and demagogues to justify some of the most horrific of human events we have on record. Yes, life is about balance and everything has a season, but it takes a warped and injured mind and heart to take that information and make the decision to contribute more darkness to the world, or even go further and suggest that because an individual has contributed a modest amount of light to the world that that somehow justifies their darkness. Yes, everyone has a light and dark side but which one do you decide to strengthen, which set of values do you reinforce, do you manipulate the light so that when the time comes you can justify your dark behavior? Or do you strengthen your positive and democratic values so that when the time comes you can lean on others to hold your darkness accountable and allow others’ light to shine the darkness away.

I don’t know who wrote this ($20 says I could get it within 6 guesses though) but we should not diminish the concerning nature of this statement and damage it could potentially do to others.

The year is 2022, we have evolved, we can certainly take lessons from the insights of wise humans who lived hundreds and thousands of years ago and didn’t have the same freedoms and advantages we have now. In fact, history is the study of change, and without looking at the similarities and differences we have with past humans, we could all easily slip back into darkness. But we are not slaves, we have no kings, and we most certainly should not allow ourselves to be ruled by the dead. It’s up to each one of us to find our spark, light our light and shine it upon the world. You are not alone in this, you can ask for help, in many’s experience those who have experienced our personal and societal darknesses are invaluable guides to finding the light.

Please be careful with your rhetoric in this day in age. There is already so much darkness in the world, it doesn’t need smart people trying to justify cruel and inhumane behavior.

If you have a therapist, please get their feedback on that statement.

It is a type of unhealthy statement used to further corrupt a guilty heart.

Clean your soul. Dance yourself clean.


I like your thoughts on theses matters.