Here's my "come on are you even serious?" rant

When my daughter was born, I made a promise that the entirety of my being would be dedicated to keeping her safe and providing her with the care and comfort required to empower her to be a happy, healthy and successful adult. The only time I ever compromised or modified that promise was when my son was born.

It literally sickens me when I hear other parents' complaint about spending time with their children when working from home. I understand and empathize the struggles of parents who don't have that option. But the parents who have been blessed with a job where they can work in their own home, in comfort and safety, surrounded by their children, wasn't that the dream of prior generations. My grandfather was a steel worker and would have given anything for the opportunity to work safely and spend more time with his children.

I know I am writing this from a position of privilege since I am a small business owner and more or less get to set my own hours and be my own boss. It may be because of that, that I am dumbfounded and struggling to understand how parents working from how would allow bosses (or clients) to dictate how and when they can spend time with their children.

I know I only have so many years left when they are this young. I know I'm only going to be the superman dad for so many years before they start making their way in the world. And I know I'm not going to sacrifice a second of that just to perform appeasement to some asshole on the other side of a screen I already have contracts and deposits from.