Someone once told me that children are the best reflection of ourselves. I'm not going to pretend parenting has been an easy job. Or that I've never lost my cool, or had felt those thoughts that every parent feels. But I can recognize that my kids are my first responsibility to the world and there isn't even a close second.

So when I hear other parents complain about having to spend time with their kids while working at home, I just really don't understand it. What lessons are you teaching your kids? That someone on the other side of a computer screen is more important than them? Are they interrupting you too much or being too loud while you are on a call? Well, guess what?! THEY ARE KIDS. If they have behavior issues, you the one responsible for that. If you reinforce the idea that work and money is more important than family, what are you teaching them? If you teach them to never question a boss or other powerful people's decisions that affect your home life, what are you teaching them?

I know we all want to pretend we are perfect flawless people, but the reality is thinking and performing like that is a dangerous form of denialism. We owe it to our children to recognize our faults and make things better on their behalf.

If you don't like spending time with your kids or think your time is better spent on things other than parenting. It's because you are insecure and they remind you how shitty of a parent (and person) you really are.

Grow the fuck up and be the hero your children deserve.

There I said it.