So let me get this straight, you came in second place twice on the national election stage, support neoliberal policies that have destroyed the base you claim to represent, and, in the only two elections youve won, you had less than 20% and then 16% of the population choose you.

And yet here you are lecturing us on how campaigns should be handled. Of course, that voice gets amplified the corporate media machine and the mercenary lobbyists so it’s a bit louder than others. But we all just went thru four years of what bring loudest means for substance.

So maybe just STFU and start enjoying all that wealth you’ve acquired and stop getting into the way of what the people want. You can still get insider information from the remaining Manchurians to live like a queen. Let the people govern themselves. Stop assuming we need a savior to show us the light.

It’s a perversion of thought that we claim to live in a democracy but elected officials never listen to what the people are asking for. If we can’t get our reps to represent our views instead of our property, then the structure needs to change. Direct Democracy Now!