Political Elites Again



You're so close! This is a solid C- but since we reward those who turn themselves in early with bonus points. So that bumps you up half a letter grade to a C+. And we are all watching you edging with that B.

I'd put a fancy sticker on this, but this is the internet and I'm out of goo-gone. So just imagine one of a sloth at the ground floor of the jungle doing his one a week poop dance looking at you with a thumbs up and caption that reads, "It could be much worse!"

Remember we are long past the point where names have been named to other names and now we get to watch (listen in on) them learning how many people in their orbit have beautiful singing voices that would make castratos weep. well... weep more.

Backwords is just as important as forwords.

Comedy works best in trees.