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Joe Rogan can say whatever he wants. FULL STOP. And when Spotify monetizes that speech through the distribution of false and misleading speech WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF DISCLAIMER Spotify in vulnerable to all sorts of civil and criminal actions as a result of their role is such. Stop trying to get doctors to talk to Spotify and Joe Rogan and start having them talk to lawyers about their LIABILITIES.

Stacy Abrams is a coward. Her, perhaps momentary, fear of upsetting the alt-religious left by meeting with the President of the United States, is severe miscalculation of her position. Abrams main advantage is the still advancing decay of the right's internal political infrastructure and the fact that CNN is headquartered in Atlanta. Her move to not meet with Biden because of, scheduling issues, reveals a few things.
1) She is comfortable lying to the public when she thinks its advantageous to her. Consider this, when heads of state like Russia's Putin, France's Macron, and the UK's soon former PM Boris Johnson, they move their schedules around and show up on time. Putin has a notorious reputation showing up late and making people wait for him as a power move and he has bordered on early for his meetings with Biden. For a gubernatorial hopeful, who believes democracy itself is at stake, why wouldn't she follow in the footsteps of the leaders who worked with past presidents they disagreed with to past the civil right acts of the 60s.
2) Her understanding of political power may be limited to regionalism. It's difficult to know if Abrams is receiving bad advice or making bad decisions on her own, regardless, she owns the decisions. But for her to behave like she is anything other than a representative of the people borders on dangerous egoism. There is no doubt she is one of the smartest people in Georgia who many look to as an example, and people will be critically interested to know what was more important than meeting with the leader of the free world on behalf of her constituency.
3) She may believe more in conflict than compromise. Abrams has been an important and critical counterweight through the toxic trump years and people are eager to quick let go of that time and move forward. Her reinvestment in conflict as a media strategy plays into the ongoing analysis of unserious drama-oriented politics. Her refusal to accept the results of the past Georgia election was WRONG and played right into the Trump/Russia strategy of delegitimizing election results.

True leaders find a way to move past their own identity and recognize the serious roles they are entrusted with by the people. In rejecting the President's hand, Abrams severely weakened her hand and put more than a few items at risk. Will this cost her the election, probably not, but many outsides of her limited Georgia political network will think twice about extending a hand to her personally due to the risk discovering her team leaking a refusal to the press.

Progressive have been commenting for years how UNDEMOCRATIC it is to have unchallenged primaries, it's time to ask why Abrams should be excluded from democratic norms and what risk does an unchallenged primary pose to the democratic bench in Georgia?


Misinformation? This should be fun. Oh well-informed OP, pray tell what misinformation is he giving us?