You weren't wanted here to begin with. You've had sticky fingers since
I've known you. You were not allowed on my block. I go outta town and you
are fucking my roommate. Since then you have managed to stay around
by fucking another roomate. You went to prison, for boosting I told your fuck buddy
you weren't welcome here, he didn't listen. I catch you spooning on my sofa with your
boyfriends bestie, what a fiasco that was. I found my rain gear in your laundry. You finally left. All of a sudden you are back, no where to live, hook back up with roomie.
He almost went to prison because of that fiasco for domestic. He's an idiot to let you back.
You stole my high end watch and give it away, because you thought it belonged to
someone else. I guess I have to tell your family you are still on dope, and boosting.
Your Mom went across the pond, and her house was broken into.....