My heart goes out to Eugene and its artistic community. Please extend our deepest sympathies to everyone impacted by the tragedy and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

That's all you had to say on the subject. But some of you chose to use the event as an opportunity to further your grievances and score some social media points.

It's obvious you can identity when people are experiencing pain. You know all the right words to say when you are in front of a crowd. But maybe you've gotten to comfortable, too lazy, or are just losing your touch, but recently it's becoming more and more evident that the mask is slipping.

Eugene experienced an all too imaginable tragedy. Some of us reached out to the community to offer our help. Some of us cried at another example of senseless violence against innocents. Some of us recognized that this is a time to be thoughtful and considerate with our words and actions given the seriousness of the event.

And some of you, used this as an opportunity to bolster your own ego and fractious grievances with the media. Listen, if you want to add media critic to the rest of your fake credentials, you do whatever makes you happy. But manipulating the context tragic events you have little knowledge of to suit your narrative is as disgusting as it is revealing.

In the future, please recognize its customary to offer words of condolences and support before capitalizing on death and tragedy for political points.