It's time to grow up.

I know things are scary right now. I know a lot of you will do anything to cling to whatever sense of security you can during these times. But its time wake up and realize what it is you are maintaining and empowering at the expense of others.

I realize that some of you are effectively professional liars and storytellers but isn't rule #1 "don't get high on your own supply." There are limitations to how far you can bend the truth. There are limitations on how much you can manipulate objective reality. And once people get a whiff of your bullshit, they have harder time swallowing it than they did in years past. You can still say whatever you want to say "no one will noticed this", "i can't believe its not butter", "everything is fine", "this guilt won't eat my soul away", "i didn't do anything wrong", "why shouldn't i keep it" or other corrupting mantras. But what you don't notice is that people can tell when you don't believe it. Some noticed the shift that happened from using your energy to convince and convert others to your more recent exhaustion from doing your best to convince yourself "it's all going to be okay." The more you have to lie yourself and expend energy to maintain that self-deception, the less energy you have to maintain your deceptions of others. The additional challenge is that others are also exhausted from years of pandemic life and less indulgent of your ego massaging at the expense of others.

If you want to feel better stop lying and start doing the work.

Are you children who need to be distracted from reality? Or are you adults who can make things happen on behalf of yourself and others?