I’ll tell you why cats CAN go outside, “Jeanne” because they deserve a life that involves actual encounters in the natural environment. A life that isn’t just to serve you. And the whole birds argument, really? Even if all humans stayed indoors all the time, we would still find a way to be murdering something to extinction. How dare cats though. Everything dies. A lot of things get hurt, so stuff it up yours with the keeping kitty safe crap. We don’t lock babies in basements for there whole lives so that they are safe. Why, because it doesn’t work (nothing is completely safe) and it’s apparently cruel, but if it’s an animal it’s totally fine, it’s the right thing to do, because cars and coyotes and serial killers. Life comes with the whole dying thing as part of the deal. You are an asshole “Jeanne”. You pick up other people’s pets and turn them in to the pound because you say they looked lost, when in fact they are just outside being a cat. And another thing, cats hate collars and they are smart, so they get out of them all the time, so stop pretending that’s a sign the cat is a stray. It’s not. I just really don’t like you “Jeanne”. I really don’t.