Do you ever feel as though you're the only grown up in the room? Like you have an inherent ability to see the world (generally and individually) with greater clarity and rational thought than most of the people around you? Ego-arrogance, I suppose. But I feel like my own path, rather mundanely, follows these days a certain logical progression, amplified by a basic understanding of consequences, adult communication skills, and a sort of ordered, lineal mode of action — while others around me are steeped in their own emotional masturbation, or married to debilitating addiction, or unable to comprehend the circular impact of their adoy-doy decisions, or fetishly hooked on monumentally bad and hyperbolic Internet information, or in full nurturing of the most rank bigotry and infantile (mental) paralysis, or only able to engage others performatively and passive-aggressively, or spend life cringing and whinging and hanky-wringing over the perceived or imagined utter horror of living in a post-industrial cluster fuck. I clearly need to return to some sort of therapy; but in the meantime, I'm utterly, continuously bitch-slapped over how little contextual perspective and rudimentary, reasoned cognition people around me afford themselves. And here's the $20,000 question: Is it just me?