Indeed, it's a cruel trick to be burdened with such knowledge.
to find be cast into the darkness to better see the stars
to humble by the idea of an unbound beautiful brain in the world
I am as eager as I am reserved for you

I know how delicate and precious such an idea is
how to care for it and keep it safe
how to feed it and coax it into reality
I have much work to do on your behalf

I thank you for your patience and kindness
You little nudges have moved the stars
I am being deliberate and purposeful
I am doing everything I can to be worthy of your friendship

There are matters and states to resolve
There are still sails to set
but I have my map and compass and sextant
and the wind at my back

we shall greet each other soon
though it may seem forever
and once our hands are gently grasped
and we'll write new verses together