I’ve worked retail for fifteen years and witnessed my share of things. A man punching a woman in the face for cutting on Black Friday. A small child being slapped across the face by their mother for back talking. I’ve had objects thrown in my face, when I informed someone I couldn’t return them. Dealt with the toilet paper shortage of 2020 (y’all lost your god damn minds and were rude af). Cleaned up pee in countless fitting rooms. Don’t even get me started on what people do with their poop in public bathrooms. Hint- it should go in the toilet, but it doesn’t always. But I’d rather go through all fifteen years of that bullshit in one day, than deal with working one shift at the door, at my local Costco. Yes, the person who has to check that you have your membership card and OFFER YOU A MASK. That’s required of them by state law you pathetic, whiners. Do you think we care about you, personally? We don’t, but we have to offer you a mask. Instead of just walking past us like we aren’t there, or saying, “no thank you,” you have to put your little two cents in. “Get fucked,” is what most of you disease spreading, backwoods, degenerates respond with. Would you say that to one of us off the clock in the parking lot? No, you’re chicken shit ass would not. You say it to us when we are at work, so we have to remain professional. Well I’m off the clock and all I have to say is, how about you GET FUCKED, maybe then you’d be less of a pathetic, spineless, little sheep.

be fucking polite, or fucking stay home