You, at the gym. Yeah, you.



Have you tried reporting this behavior to the gym management who are liable for the safety of their customers?

Have you tried taking a break from attending the gym during peak covid times?

You can't live your life expecting americans to be smart.


That mask won’t stop their covid from spreading in a gym environment even when worn correctly. Too much huffing and puffing. That shit is an aerosol! Yes they’re a dickhead but why are going to the gym during the peak of another variant outbreak? You’re exposing yourself unnecessarily. Be well…


I think this is a perfect example of american vanity. The OP is busy pointing their fingers at their neighbors and making attempts to control their behaviors while modeling poor behavior themselves.

If only there was some simple thousands of years old parable to describe this particular splinter of the human condition.

Yes, the person describe is not wearing a mask, violating the law, and putting others in danger. But hasn't Portland/Oregon adopted a casual relationship with the law? Haven't we established that it's okay to break the law, damage the property of others, and even actively take measures to harm our neighbors and civic servants if we feel it is for a "good cause" or if we can get away with it?

Does not wearing a mask put others in more or less direct harm as the danger of broken glass on the street or where children walk?

Does not wearing a mask put others in more or less indirect harm as the danger of refusing to enforce certain laws against those we identify as political donors and allies?

I really appreciate the other commenters pointing out, that if the OP is that concerned about the spreading and transmission of covid, why are they even attending a gym?

Better yet, why isn't the gym enforcing these standards? Why is the OP attending a gym that disregards the "health" of their members? Why is the gym even open?

It's pretty easy to follow the invested engagement as well as the money and see how it is circulating.

I'm sure that one person isn't soley responsible for the two years of covid we've experienced. It's not like they are going around intentionally poisoning peoples. They just want to perform their work out in front of others like OP, after all they really can't help their compulsive need for attention.

I do want to say I can completely empathize with what the OP is feeling. I still feel this could have easily been avoided to begin with. And if the gymrat, the gym, or the OP aren't responsible enough to do everything they can to resolve this. We'll find our own way end this virus soon, by hook or by crook. Maybe some silcone wrist bands or bracelets would help with awareness.


Hold on to your butts


Let me be clearing, I am pro-masking. Everyone should do it whether its required by law or not. I will likely even continue masking once we've resolved this pandemic.

That said, this line is another one of the stupidest reasons for anything, and a poor frame for any argument.
"Welcome to adulthood, where you have to do things you don't like."

1) If you are trying to convince an audience of something, don't remind them that they won't enjoy it. We can acknowledge that wearing a mask isn't the highlight of our days, but considering the trade-offs most of us have it very easy. Keep in mind, we are discussing masks in a luxury context. Attending a gym is a luxury.

2) It's a lie and an immature perspective on maturity. Adulthood isn't about mindless servitude, it's about having the freedom to make positive and healthy decisions on behalf of yourself and others. Adulthood isn't about doing things you don't like it's about taking responsibility for your life and forging your path into the future with others.

3) The comment reveals the poster's relationship with the concept of power. It's obvious they have a "I have suffered, so others should suffer too" mindset. This is likely based on past disempowering and submissive experiences of theirs. They identify with authoritarian power dynamics, seeing power as a means of restriction or compulsion of certain behaviors. This completely disregards the dynamics and concepts of self and group empowerment. Perhaps they grew up in a rigid household or have been exposed to the rigid hierarchies of military or law enforcement experiences, but its clear that they cling to these systems out of fear. They likely wouldn't know what to do if they had the freedom and responsibility to make decisions on behalf of others, they need to be told what to do and how to do it.

Bottom line: If you don't line if you don't like a particular behavior, use your leadership skills to empower individuals and communities to reverse unhealthy behaviors rather than reinforcing unhealthy authoritarian dynamics.

I would love to know the name of the gym this happened at.


I don't wear mask.... What are you going to do about it?


@10 Hey Poodle. Looks like your comments were most likely reported as….they’re not on topic to the original post. That is an option when comments get reported. Sorry if you’re having feelings over it, but I’ve also heard that after awhile? They can also block and ban your ISP. So I’m sorry if your mission of running up the asshole of this media website isn’t working out for you. But like Trump and his social media accounts, the Merc isn’t obligated to allow or publish your histrionics, much less give you a platform to bitch. The post is about an asshole at the gym who wasn’t wearing a mask, not your lunacy and crying over being “censored”.

Don’t like it? Oh well!


Woah Deja Vu.

@ 11, We are in agreement the Portland Mercury 100% gets to decide what they want or don't want on their website for any reason whatsoever. Its worth mentioning IPs can also be spoof and circumvented.

You are also welcome to express yourself however you wish, I would only ask that you refrain from referring to those discussing sexual assault experiences as bitching, lunacy or crying.

To stay on topic I want to reference the idea that the original post could be considered a metaphor by some.

Perhaps its a poor metaphor for discussing the intersection of political corruption and sexual assault and harassment. We all have masks we don't want to wear because its uncomfortable or inconvient, but the truth is we each have an obligation to ourselves and each other to acknowledge the reality we live in and take reasonable measures to safeguard others while pushing society forward together.

The Gym is Portland and we are all just trying to work out safely while looking out for each other. It's nothing personal, the OP's comments like others come out of a sense of fear and concern for the state of our "gym" and the unhealthy behavior of other "members."

We could each benefit from trying to put ourselves in each others shoes more. This includes nonmask wearers. Regardless of the reasons they perform their nonmask wearing, I believe its rooted in the human need to be part of a group and conform to the behavior of those we identify as leaders. I agree with the gist of the comments above, nonmask wearers need to be empowered with the freedom to be responsible for their community rather than shamed and harassed into compliants.

Half of communicating is listening, I feel many of us have lost the ability or desire to listen to those we can't emotionally and thoughtlessly agree with in the span of the tweet.

To the poster(s) with the deleted comments: I'm sorry you are going through that, I also know how hard it is to fight for the truth of matters in the face of those who seek to silence matters. You can find an email on our website if you need to connect and talk to someone about what you are experiencing. I also hope you are able to connect with a therapist, not because I think you are crazy or a lunatic, but because the events and experiences you are describing are traumatic and you should not have to feel unsupporter or alone in your processing of them.

You are not alone. Sunshine is on its way. We promise.


@12 I’m a survivor of what it is you speak of. I speak for myself, you do not speak for me. You’d be better off making a post than clogging up the comments section off topic and no, the OP isn’t speaking in metaphors.

Do you always talk in bumper stickers?


@13, I believe you. I'm sorry that happened to you. Even in a semi-anonymous forum I can acknowledge it takes courage to speak about that issue. Is there anything we can do to help?

To clarify: I am in no way speaking for you or anyone else. I am not the OP or the deleted commenter, so I cannot say if they are speaking in metaphors, I was just adding my perspective and comments to the post. I am inclined to believe people when they speak up and the situations described aligns with other facts and behaviors that I have personally witnessed.

Babs makes a fair suggestion, it would be encouraging to see more posts and articles on the serious issues and topics described in the deleted comments, whether here in I, Anonymous, on the Portland Mercury, or else where.

I do not always talk in bumper stickers.

To keep things on topic, I think the gym should do a better job of enforcing the mask requirement, I really don't understand why everyone is behaving like we're not in the USA where everyone sues everyone over anything and there are entire industries dedicated to liability prevention.