“Empowering oligarchy and autocracy… “

well he’s thee Richest mother-
fucker In The Known Universe

“… are not only bad for free speech… “

‘free speech’? ‘our USSC put all
That Up for Sale long ago
making it Unfuckingaf-
Fordable to all but
Musk’s fellow

“… it's terrible for free enterprise.”

which in these Days of Monopolies
is pretty Lousy for anyone not
already suckling off the Cor-
Porate Teat

“How long do they really
tolerate minds like ours once
they have the power they crave?”

well if ya don’t
STFUA you’ll
soon Find


BIG Money
is Transnational:
unlike Labor it can
go ANYWHERE it wants

rupert 'Uncle snoopy' murdoch
is Australian but bought hisself
a little Citizenship here and the
FOX too & staffed it with fellow
Fasciis and turned the USofA
into the Untied States of Con-
Frontation. Musk builds his cars
here -- we're not Immune to his
Machinations by Any means.


If you are concerned about oligarchy and freedom of speech you should apply the same standard to Bezos, Zuckerberg, Brin, Dorsey etc. It's remarkable how so many people who were perfectly okay with oligarchs controlling the media until yesterday are suddenly clutching their pearl's over Musk joining the party.


Mister Musk's Tesla is the most over-rated EV on the road. Not a bad car, just an impractical choice for most households who could use an EV in the garage as a backup power supply to keep the lights on, fridge, stove and electronics working in a grid failure, indefinitely when matched to rooftop PV solar array. Mister Musk and Daimler's electric long haul freight truck is a crime against humanity! "10" electric freight truck battery packs (over 10 years) could power as many as "5000" household EVs. Mister Musk wants us to believe we won't need such a lifesaving backup power supply. Musk wants us to buy into his robotaxi scheme where we won't own cars; we'll just hail one from our stupid smart phones, pay a higher fare according to Supply & Demand, wait longer and hope it doesn't arrive too late for many other routine and emergency travel needs.



AMZN's soon gonna be dronin'
us to & fro points b and beyond


@6, Jeff Bezos plans to hoard battery resources in trucks and vans so the rest of us won't gain the means to survive power outage. Elon Musk as a co-conspirator. Death to all humans that ain't millionaires.


that's a one-bedroom half-
bath rental-Owner these days

it's the BIG Money
Hoarder$ who*
taste just like
Spotted Owl

betchya cain't
Eat only just


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