Encountered a familiar houseless person who often rouses from sidewalk sleep or a fallout blasting death threats to the Invisibles (exes, The Man, helicopters, etc.). Been there, pal. I offer him food, water, or a smoke, and 100% always quiets down, says thanks, rolls up his little slice of real estate, and gets on with day. *You* see a gacked, screaming person across the street, and you call the police. They show up. The non-event passes, and you get one more opp to verbally cuddle with the armed blue line that you believe keeps you safe. "Thankyouforyourservice!" Your whingey, bourgeois paranoia and fear betray your professed liberalism and feed the Fear Machine. Meanwhile, as many have stated here on I.A., cops don't stop crime, they just show up after, sometimes. The rising tide of crime and addiction isn't due to lack of cops, sorry. It's due to lack of hope and equity and justice in a late-stage capitalist cesspit that's crumbling under the weight of nationalist fascism, race hate, bigotry, and corporate greed. But go ahead, call the cops, if it'll help calm your fears.