I don't know if this is relevant but



Are any of us NOT sexually abused as kids? Jesus, me and everyone I know has a story


Republicans are hell bent on forcing incest and rape victims to give birth. They are hell bent on sending this country back to the dark ages. They are worse than anyone they vilify. Worse than the Taliban.

They want women to suffer and die. They want the poor to be saddled with as many children as possible - children they will allow to be abused, live in poverty, go hungry, go without health care, be uneducated, and live miserable lives and die miserable deaths.

They are out of their fucking minds with hate and want to punish everyone for having the audacity to expect this country to live up to its bullshit stories of equality for all.

Elect a Black president? Punishment is Donald Trump.

Demand cops stop murdering Black people? Try to overthrow the federal government and murder the VP of the United States.

Legalize gay marriage, put a Black woman on the highest court in the land (that they packed with illegitimate corrupt, compromised, criminal partisan hacks), start acknowledging and talking about and facing the consequences of what has been done to people since the first white people landed here and decided to exterminate Native Americans, enslave Black people stolen from Africa, etc.? Embrace fascism and decide that destroying everything that this country has done in terms of progress is necessary because no one, absolutely no one and nothing, is to get in the way of old white men doing whatever they fuck they want to do to whomever the fuck they want to do it to and so we're all going to pay.


Unwanted children are so often abused, neglected, and discarded. Add poverty and we have a recipe for absolute human misery. I am scheduling a vasectomy soon taking responsibility and going to try to be a better kind of man. It makes me so sad to think of the powerlessness and rage women must be feeling.