I apologize for all the happy and casual bicyclists, the many many portlanders that enjoy riding bikes to commute, to feel the wind against their face, and to experience our lovely city in spring. Those that, although obey the rules of the road, still get berated by agro spandex wearing bicyclists. I apologize to whomever yelled at me today; I wish I could have yelled back, "what an effective tactic to teach, build community, and misdirect anger from a hard day at the office!". In fact, I propose a "Yelling at Other Bicyclists Day!". Instead of people finding connection riding bicycles, exchanging nods and smiles as we take the roads back from cars, l say we exchange insults! And again, so sorry to the agro commuters for being slightly annoying, I only hope one day I can be less tolerant as well.