I am not capable of what you want



Because you got what you wanted, right? To fuck someone other than your wife, knowing it would make the person you fucked want you when you had absolutely no intention of giving more. People like you deserve to have your lives blown up. I pity your wife and family. You will no doubt "catch feelings" again and do it to another person if you haven't already. People like you suck - everyone else is just a bit part in your life.


@1 Once a cheater, always a cheater. Doubtful this is his first time, and won’t be his last. “We did nothing wrong.” and moralizing on about his family. Such a piece of shit. Doesn’t deserve his wife, or his family.

Dude, if you can’t keep it in your pants because you “catch feelings”, then why the hell did you marry and have children? You probably cheated on your wife all through her pregnancy/ies. So disgusting.