Transportation counter offer



yeah... we'll get right on that for you


Good luck with that, Chief.


you don't build for what you Have
you build for what you Want it's
called Social Engineering and
it worked for Big Auto & Oil

let's shuck
them Shackles and
do some 21st Century shit

what have we got to lose?


Pretentious "self-driving" car and truck tech is a fraud. AV tech is best limited to "driver assist" whereby accidents are avoided and traffic speeds never exceed the posted limit. The 2 Amtrak high-speed Talgo trainsets (4 were decommissioned for no good reason) were competitive with flying and driving the 2.5 hour scenic ride to Tacoma way more comfortably than the faster Amtrak Acela.

The 2 Columbia River I-5 Bridge designs as proposed are so absurdly engineered, its doubtful that Wsdot/ODOT intend to build either. Their main error is the "double-deck" configuration. A 5-lane in each direction "single-deck" design is the sensible option, but ODOT director Kris Strickler won't admit the error and lose his job as chief kiss ass to the business class, the most powerful being automobile-related. Strickler should be removed from office and face criminal charges "intentional misdirection of project studies" and "willful concealment of pertinent information from the public.

Single-deck designs were studied 2004-2008 but abandoned for double-deck when Senator McConnell swore an oath to "not cooperate" with the Obama administration. The commission lead agency, Wsdot, took that oath as "consent" to scuttle the project by proposing 4 consequetive bridge designs between 2009-2013 that could not be built.


We are using the next 10 years locating solar arrays out off the interstate instead of rooftop and neighborhood. Rooftop don't need long-distance transmission lines and regional grids vulnerable to power failure. Solar arrays offer more capacity than nuclear power plants. Windfarms and hydroelectric can be retained as suitably "centralized" power generators.
We have at least 30 years, okay? After that, we're toast. Species die off can't be prevented.
Some species reintroduced to future habitats that won't survive the next 8 years.

Biden test drives GM/Ford electric trucks like racecars on a track.
The last thing we need are more maniacs on the road driving faster.