We need you to be afraid. We need you to doubt yourself. We need you to lose confidence in your own powers and abilities. We need you to surrender your power, time, attention, and energy to us.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

There is no room for nuance. There is no room for understanding. We have all the understanding you need. You do not need to think. We can think for you. We can decide for you. My god don't read books! You should be watching television and sparring on twitter!

Let the hate flow through you.

Anyone who disagrees with us or considers an alternative perspective is evil. You don't want to think of yourself as evil do you. We enjoy hurting things we are able to label evil. If we weren't able to label things as evil, how would we ever take pleasure in hurting things.

It's very important for you to follow the crowd. Follow the stampede. You have been told you should be afraid. That is what is important. Following instructions to be afraid. Everyone else is afraid, you should feel afraid too! There is so much to fear! Please allow us to overwhelm you with reminders that you should be afraid of everything we tell you to be afraid. You should fear your neighbors because we say so. You should fear your co-workers because we say so. You should fear that person on the television screen because they say things you don't like. You should always especially fear things on the television screen.

Be afraid. Cower in fear. Engage feeling of helplessness. You can't do it. You can't help yourself. All is lost.

But if you listen to us, and give us your power, we could save you...

...now let's talk about our fee...