"Big ugly city."



they're living in Corporate America's Sacrifice Zones and could not in a million years bite the hand that whips them but their Corporate Masters keep them confused ignorant and well-Entertained and they get along just fine thanks


You gotta admit this is quite a requiem on Right and Rong.
big ugly city," awash in crime, filth, drugs, terrorists, death, mayhem, you name it.

So says Anonymous: "I've lived worked in Portland for decades, and every day I see good, caring, decent people living lives in joy, curiosity, compassion, and also seeing/living with troubles we struggle trying to reconcile growth with inequitable systems that plague virtually every city in America. When the wholesome country folk take FoxNews as Gospel and shit on my hometown, I feel the urge to reply in kind with a critique of their decrepit, crumbling towns, rusting oil tanks, trucks and campers decaying in fields, leeching septic tanks and garbage piles, rank racism and queerphobia, unreported domestic sexual violence, unwanted pregnancies, epidemics of alcoholism and drug addiction."

We gots too many cars/trucks and gots too few campers, I guess. Is that what this is?


god not real



when you've been Carefully Taught
"God" is just as Real as it gets
& our Sacrifices can Never
be too Large for Him


Our sacrifices never too large for a cause.
Support not driving your goddamn car every damn day
across the county to your fucking job you could do somewhere
closer to your lovely home. "They paved paradise.
Put up a parking lot. Ha Ha heh"