Pass a Law anyone possessing a gun must register with a militia.
Should anyone come to harm as a result of their members weapons
the militia is fully financially responsible for what happens.
The idiots keep their guns and keep each other in check.
Provide "lone gunmen" basic minimal social shared being.
Zeus Master of Olympus


A well regulated militia means we can regulate militia's requiring minimum training and the expectation that the militia can be called upon for the good of the community.

Here in the greater Portland Metropolitan Area, are we prepared for those militia's to lobby to solve the homeless situation?

We should be very careful what we legislate.


well then let us
give the Homeless
all Guns and they can
Militiaize the Streets and
maybe pick up the Garbage
too? a Purpose! a Purpose! my
Life for a Purpose! plus pay them


An 18 year old can't buy a beer. Why the fuck are they allowed to buy a semi-automatic weapon? And enough with the militia bullshit. This country has existed for hundreds of years now and there is no fucking need for any militia. This country needs protection from all of the assholes who think they are some sort of militia. This country has too many fucking assholes with massive piles of guns in the name of fucking freeDUMB. Mass murder happens every single day in this country and people still believe we don't have a problem and can't legislate murder weapon "rights." Guns exist solely to kill. The only reason anyone owns a gun is because they believe they have a right to kill someone and that right does not exist.

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