Aim Higher.

Stop playing the game of fear.

Fear breeds anxiety which breeds conservatism. The idea that we should conserve our resources, limit perspectives, actively exclude some, and discourage creativity.
That's their play to force everyone into little categories and divide us up according to our external labels.

Then once you identify yourself in a group, you are burden with the fear of exclusion. You aren't conservative enough. You aren't leftist enough. You aren't pure enough for us. You aren't poor enough. You aren't angry enough. The racism I experience is worse than the racism you experience.

I'm not going to tell you your fears aren't real. Or attempt to minimize the real-world impact of your anxieties. I'm here to tell you, you can overcome them. We can overcome this fear and anxiety and division together. All you have to do is keep making the choice to "be not afraid".

No one is pure. We are all sinners. We have all made mistakes. And now more than ever that aspect of our humanity is documented the world over. No previous generation haven't ever been so open and public with themselves and others about who they are and what journey they took to become ourselves.

We are in the midst of conquering the world with honesty. With the truth that we are all flawed and we can all overcome those flaws and become mighty.

Empower yourself to be honest. Empower yourself to be accountable. Release yourself from the grip of fear and shame.