The occupy movement in Portland started to fizzle as soon as some of the participants were forced to confront the realities of how some of us struggle to make it through this world. When presented with the realities of how some get by on the streets, they abandoned the project, their values, and paved the way for SAM ADAMS to unleash PPB violence on those of us with the conviction of our values.

We had another brush with solidarity after Trump was elected, but overtime that movement was hijacked by special interests who recognized that people are fine with with maintaining status quo as long as they can FEEL like they are doing something - so we have corporatist leaders and cottage industries that provide the masses with a place to donate their indulgences and tell them where and when to show up to FEEL like they are doing something.

I've gone through the emails I've received over the past 6 years, there are clearly two types sent over and over namely SCARING THING IS HAPPENING SEND US MONEY and LOOK AT HOW WE ARE WINNING SEND US MONEY.

So, people send them money and follow their instructions in order to feel in control. How weird is that... blindly following others to feel in control of their life...

The thing is they aren't in control, neither are the people frantically sending them fundraising emails.

How can any so-called liberal organization with political or otherwise look around and continue to embrace the delusion that they are succeeding at anything?

Ask yourself what have you done? What have you personally accomplished for the world?


Don't write down the answer. Write down the excuses you come up with to distance yourself from the responsibility.

You are mighty, if you want to be.