I don't think chaos is the term to describe what is currently happening. Although it may seem chaotic, what we are experiencing together is an orderly natural process.

Like other natural functions, this isn't all pretty, but it will the pain will pass soon enough, and we'll be rewarded with a rush of endorphins or the equivalent.

It's important to remember how new the internet is in not only the context of humanity, but also our own society and the power we've ceded it over our lives and decision-making processes. It has transformed every aspect of our daily lives.

In October 1991 as the Senate was in the process of learning the details of the harassment Anita Hill experienced during the confirmation process of Clarence Thomas, the world's first website CERN's "The World Wide Web Project" was barely more than two months old. The first web search engine wouldn't be invented for another two years.

It's difficult to think of how many of us could even operate in a world when Justice Thomas was confirmed.