They aren't pro-life they are anti-choice. Their position isn't about when life starts or saving lives of any type. Their position is entirely about controlling your sexual freedom and choices.

This is not a new type of control. Authoritarians across history have attempted to tightly control the sex life of those they view as subjects.

They have many tells. If their goal was zero abortions, why are they against contraception as well? If their goal was zero abortions, why are they against even basic sex education?

Their goal isn't zero abortions, they know that those with privilege will always be able to access an abortion as they see fit. This is about amplifying class divisions and attempting to reverse the progress of women's liberation.

Look at them. They are not pro-life. For goodness sake, they are all practically death worshippers.

Their facade is crumbling. They are getting even more desperate. Even some of their own followers are starting to see through their hypocrisy.

Keep engaging in civil discussions. Keep putting them on record. Keep pushing!

And most importantly, give them a path out of the crazy vortex they were sucked into. Give them a path to redemption. Show them how we believe in the goodness of people and that's why we believe in the power of democracy.