What has happened to society? Have you been alive for the last 8 years? How about the last 42? Any chance you've been alive for the last 60 years? More?

Let's focus on the last 8 years. Trump's presidency nearly destroyed the country (literally). And the damage will not be undone in our lifetimes. And the typical goldfish attention span of the mostly uneducated population of this country blames Biden.

Minimum wage in this country doesn't pay for a place to live in any state in this country. Think about that. The wealthiest country in the entire world refuses to pay its labor force enough to afford a place to live.

Over one million people died from COVID and all of those people had loved ones that are traumatized by those deaths (especially all of the children who have lost a parent).

Billionaires are playing space cadet while they pay no taxes and the government is starved of funds and function in every possible way.

White supremacist terrorists have decided their time is up so they have to act NOW (like they haven't been acting all along since the first one landed on this land) - so we have endless violence (including the terrorist attack that happened on January 6, 2021 in attempt to overthrow the government).

Women are about to become non-humans, forced to give birth to every fertilized zygote regardless of circumstance or desire.

Voting rights have been decimated to ensure only white votes count.

Black people have been murdered by cops at such a rate that we had the entire world screaming in the streets the summer of 2020 and in response total silence and nothing.

There is a mass shooting every single day in this country. And no one cares. No action has been taken. The endless stream of death is accepted with a shrug and insistence that owning a murder weapon is more important than any right to live without being gunned down anywhere by anyone for any reason.

This country and countries world wide are suffering the effects of pollution and climate change that most of the people on the face of this earth refuse to even acknowledge as being real.

What happened to society? It's been destroying itself since the day it began and we're at the end game now.


wonderful terrifying
comment xina

perhaps when Humans
learned to Horde the
Lid came off

but not to worry
Tom Tomorrow's
got it all right here

we'll have more
on this dire threat
but first these messages
from the Merchant Caste


This is one of the most selfish, narcissistic posts I've read on here.

So full of unfair judgments!

Where do you get off dehumanizing others the way you do? Calling them zombies and other names.

You think you are pointing out or commenting on the problem.... Bad news, sucka. You just proved with everything you wrote that YOU ARE THE MOTHERTRUCKING PROBLEM.


Pleased by the humanity in the comments. Some of us are just out here trying to not commit suicide. Please continue to avoid everyone, lest you send someone over the edge with your thoughtless and heartless commentaries.


Christina Rae hit the nail on the head as far as Iā€™m concerned. Iā€™m just trying to make it through the day without my mentally ill, gun loving neighbor killing me.

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