I dont get it. Twice in the past week fare inspectors came asking for proof of fare on the max.
Thats three times in the last month for me. I typically always pay except a few drunk times. I'm a career rider. I pay. I work and pay everyday.
I know some dont. Tsk tsk tsk.
But seriously, what a waste of a job. What a waste of income for trimet. What a waste of a budget with these guys. And I've said it to them as they ask for my fare. Sometimes its not just one or two guys. Its like 6 at times with only one of them checking fares. So dumb. What about for disruptive, violent, or aggressive behaviors? What about for teens swinging on the ropes like monkeys? What when masks were required? I'd never see any security, or authority presence then at all. I know fare inspector and transit security are two different roles. My point is where is any authority figure when there is actually people being disruptive? And even if they are present, they don't do shit anyway. They look the other way to avoid confrontation. But fare inspection is necessary because lord knows if someone can't afford 2.50 and tries to ride for free, let's pounce on em. But that kid cussing and bullying, oh, its all good, and I didn't see anything.