Is The Inspection Fare? Fair?



Well said.


Fare inspections are unconstitutional. This has been established by a judge.

Trimet knows Fare Inspections are unconstitutional but knowingly continues to engage in unconstitutional behavior because they know that the people who can pay a lawyer to protect their constitutional rights tend to not ride TriMet.

It's really that simple. You only have the rights you are willing to defend and stand-up for on behalf of others.

If you just go along with it, then you are participating in unconstitutional behavior. This is how rights are eroded.

Supposedly we have a federal government that was created for the exclusive purpose of guaranteeing our constitutional rights.

I wonder where Blumenauer stands on the issue....


@Trimet is openly corrupt, Look no further than Pacific Coast Hwy 99W south Corbett to Burlingame, its forest canopy treescape clear cut for miles along the 5-lane to 8-lane speedway accident hazards worsened. So glad voters said NO to the SW Corridor MAX debacle! Oh wait. Hwy 99W - ODOT domain. Who came up with that plan there?