Its a busy intersection on 82nd. The area matters because I dont think this would happen at closer in Portland. Im walking one way in a fairly big crosswalk. A bicycle is coming towards me. Keeps coming towards me. I start to move but he keeps rolling at me, and I say WTF, and push his shoulder. I'm like good grief, WTF. I happen to turn around and nows he's coming straight at me on his bicycle. I start to run and get up on the sidewalk as he rides away.
What are my learning lessons in this. I guess, just keep to myself. But then what about standing up for my rights, and how do we learn. There simply isn't any more accountability for our actions anymore, or what role we play in any situation. Theres nothing like how we can learn to be better human beings. Its all, I've been oppressed by someone, some thing so nothing matters but me, and my rights as an American. At times I wish I took self defense classes. And what I really would've like to have done is clothesline the guy really hard as he was riding towards me, and laid him down. But at the same time I could get life in prison even if its self defense.