I, Anonymous Jun 22, 2022 at 2:04 pm



You are inviting these interactions from the universe because you have something VERY important to learn.
“The indifference and keep to yourself, and say nothing society we live in.”
That’s YOU too.
Stop letting life come at you.
The best analogy would be “defensive driving”
Good luck to you.


"It's a busy intersection on 82nd. An area that matters because I don't think this would happen closer in Portland. I'm walking one way in a big crosswalk. A bicycle steers toward me, keeps coming toward me. I move but he keeps rolling at me, I say WTF and push his shoulder. I'm like good grief. I turn around and now he's coming straight at me on his bicycle. I start to run and get up on the sidewalk as he rides away. What are our learning lessons in this?"

Musk & Bezos SUCK?


Suck like blood leech worms.

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