I am writing because our daughter's fourth birthday is next week, and I am once again reminded of the father she never met. This is to remind you what a cheap, immoral, and heartless person you are. I gave birth to our daughter, only to find out she is your fourth child--from four different women. You sent someone that looked just like you to take the paternity DNA test. THAT IS A FELONY. You claim that I will not like the legal ramifications of my actions. Well, you will not like the prison time you will serve if you even attempt to put any of this on me. I had nothing to do with your stupidity, and you will also never see your beautiful little girl's face, nor her uncanny resemblance to you. I know how badly you wanted a son, and I laugh myself to sleep every night thinking about your four daughters and how they will revolt against you. So enjoy your meth and crystal and God knows what else while you still can. Our daughters, and the Feds, are after you.--Anonymous