Hey asshole, if you didn't come into the library lookin' for a fight, what the fuck did you come in for? You bet we can erase fines when we want to. We often clear fines worth much more than your pathetic 10 cents for patrons who are simply polite and sincere. We might have done the same for you, if you hadn't LET YOUR KID SHIT ON THE FLOOR!!! You could have asked somebody for a Kleenex or something to clean up the turds. At least you could have told a janitor about it. But oh no, you just took off and left it steaming. Well, you better watch your attitude around the mean librarian lady next time you and your pounding, pooping brat come by. Considering the fact that you've proven yourself too stupid to figure out when your books are due, I'm sure I won't have to wait long. And I'll have your stupid ass out the door if you can't curb your kid like a dog.--Anonymous