Shared Housing

To the people I have to share my house with: You fucking stink! To the 28-year-old who does nothing but smoke weed all day and ends every rambling, incoherent, retarded statement with "Sorry, I did too much acid back in the day": Take a fucking shower, and clean the vomit off your shirt! To the shithead who decided to have a party in the house and A) had every girl invited be under the age of 18, B) did ZERO cleaning the next day, and C) left the fucking keg in the bathtub when I had to go to work in the morning: Fuck you! To the dimwit who eats nothing but cheese and crackers for every meal of the day: When you learn how to cook, your hair will stop falling out all over the living room. And, finally, to the guy who thinks pool hustling is a job: You're alright, 'cept fuck you for trying to charge me 50 bucks for a shitty eighth of weed. You're in the Northwest, asshole--even the most chronic shit is $40. Fuck all of you! I'm going out!--Anonymous