Getting Snide at Gay Pride

To the ignorant hypocrites inside the fence at Gay Pride: Mind your own fucking business! I had just gotten off work, where they enforce a strict dress code of black slacks, white dress shirt, and tie. I decided to go straight to the festival grounds on my bike. When I got there, I decided to circle the outside of the fence, being that I was not dressed for the occasion--and that's when people started coming up by the handfuls and verbally insulting me: "Hey, if you're looking for the Seventh Day Adventists, they're over there!" "So, did you go to church today?" "Fucking Mormon!" FUCK ALL OF YOU! One of you assholes was even wearing the red shirt with the equality sign on the back. Oh, and by the way, Mormons don't ride BMX bikes, you dildo. So you got fed a mountain of infernal bullshit from the Bible thumpers? Guess what, so did I! If you don't see a Bible in my pocket or a "Fags burn in hell!" sign in my hand, you better leave me the fuck alone! Thanks for making my Pride Day shitty from both sides of the fence. --Anonymous