This should be obvious, but you white people with dreadlocks are still totally dumb. There are two people staying at my house right now, both are white, and both have dreads. Do you have any idea how dumb I feel just being in their presence? Like, are my friends' friends so clueless that they are both white and have dreadlocks? Dreadlocks are messy looking, they are dirty, and if you are white, they are totally ridiculous. I can't believe someone would actually do that to themselves. My best friend is white, and he had dreads for three years. At first it was funny, because the dude is just a hellion, not much of a heady vegan narc at all, but the next two or so years we were just like, "Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Then he cut them off and was a normal dude, and we became friends again. Dreadlocks are dumb as shit. Lose 'em if you still got 'em. Apparently you still don't know how fucking stupid you look, white people with dreads.—Anonymous