System of a Down: I've been a fan for years. Your politically charged music was a refreshing sound on the mediocre landscape. However, after your show in Portland, I will NEVER associate myself with you. I decided to flyer inside the venue, but the staff took them. Then, my jaw dropped when I saw you selling $10 middle fingers saying "Fuck the System." How is selling five cents worth of foam for $10 "fucking the system?" I sat in nosebleed, and got the kids around me yelling "Fuck the floor, you classist whores." When you took the stage I jumped the railing, and rushed past security. People told me, "That was awesome." Your rent-a-cops told me I couldn't stand where I was. I told them to fuck off, and was taken into custody. I was released 30 minutes after the show ended. So, are your songs more of a proclamation of love toward our system? Is "Blast off it's party time/and we all live in a fascist nation" just a line to sell records and T-shirts? —Anonymous