To the truly disabled, please take the time and space you need to use public or any other type of transportation. For those who complain about the truly disabled, get a life! I am pretty sure they did not sign up for this as some sort of life option! Now you FAT FUCKERS!!! What the hell?? Just because you cannot control your weight, we all pay: with higher taxes (to cover your fat fucker medical and transportation bills), longer waiting times (grocery stores, buses, sidewalks, anywhere your fat fucker "Rascal" can take you), and the pure fucking agony of seeing your fat fucking fat spill out from under your too small clothing! Get up off the goddamned electric scooter that we paid for, start walking, stop eating shit food, and come back to the civilized world! Yes, it is something that you have the power to change, you are not helpless, just fucking lazy and useless!!! FAT FUCKERS!—Anonymous