Did you write an I, Anonymous? Are you one of those twits? You know what's more annoying than someone sniffling in public or kicking your pumpkin? What is more annoying than the guy on the cell phone who cut you off in traffic? ANYTHING! You think the whole city of Portland needs to feel sorry for you because you were insulted by a bus driver or shortchanged by a fast-food clerk. There are people in this city fighting for their lives with cancer; cleaning the vomit off their dying children; shuddering under the sickening pull of a vacuum pump on an abscess the size of a cereal bowl; people sleeping out in the cold; children who are abused and treated like dogs; people in body casts and iron lungs. Human beings can suffer so deeply... but let's all have a moment of silence for the real victim, who lost something trivial or had a momentary inconvenience.—Anonymous