"Which quadrant do you live in?" SHUT IT! Stop with the quadrant crap. And this bullshit of "the fifth quadrant" is fucking absurd. Quad means four, you a-holes, not five! And no, it doesn't mean that "Portland is keeping it weird" by having a "fifth quadrant," it just means education is at an all-time low here and people don't know how to count. Furthermore, this quadrant shit is new, probably made up by someone who just moved here in the past year or so. Probably by people related to the guy I overheard saying he "felt very unsafe on Hawthorne. It's gone way downhill." I don't want to hear, "I was in all four quadrants today!" Or, "I hate leaving my quadrant. Everywhere else seems so far away." Just because they had quirky names in the city you just moved here from doesn't mean we need them here. Southeast, Northeast, North, Northwest, and Southwest work just fine. It's stupid, so stop it.—Anonymous