I, Anonymous Oct 9, 2008 at 4:00 am

I, Anonymous


What a misogynist fuck- you don't need to step out of the gene pool, the rest of us are doing an effective job of breeding you out. But while you're still here, wasting air, why don't you wait in the john- your latest issue of Hustler is waiting for you, next to your toilet.
Actually Portland is built on two grids. From Ankeny South, Downtown Portland was built to Magnetic North. From Ankeny North, it was built true north. Mr. Couch the nautical organized founding father that he was didn't like the fact that North was not really north. That is why there is that cool five sided building where the Thirsty Lion is. Mr. Couch loved his order so much that he began the process of calling all street A, B, C- 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Only later did Portland actually name the streets Ankeny, Burnside, Couch, Davis when Portland realized the town it had dozens of A streets. Too bad Chavez wasn't around then. Any ways, Mr. Anonymous if you loved our city so much why don't you learn some of its history and realize you are full of shit!
I used to love I Anonymous. Now it's full of stupid petty immature bullshit like this particular entry. Whatever happened to "I don't like you, so I must confess- while you were looking the other way I wiped a big-ass booger on the back of your shirt". It used to be for anonymous CONFESSIONS, about something awful/raunchy YOU had done. Not about stupid little pet peeves like this one.

Oh, and newsflash, Asshole. If telling someone to turn right at the doggie daycare and left at Union Jacks is too difficult for YOU to comprehend, maybe you should remove YOURSELF from the gene pool. I hope you're hit by a northbound train.

Oh, and I wiped a booger on your seat.
I was right there with this one till the guy dropped the asshole bomb at the end. I am placed in a similar position at my place of work, and it sucks to waste your time on the phone with people too lazy or dense to look at a map. Or even better, to not bother to try and figure out where they are going until they are on I-5 and calling our office from their cell phone from the wheel.

Kudos to the editor to picking one that will piss off as many people as possible.
Love it. So true.
Why can't this shithead just use mapquest/yahoo/google/msn maps? Why trust someone's directions when you can just look on a map?
what the fuck, asshole. you hate on a guy who cant find directions and then pull some serious misogynist shit at the last minute for no RATIONAL reason. your sex should be RATIONAL so why the fuck arent you rational? this is probably why you work at some shit job where you have to deal with assholes like that.
What does being female or male have anything to do with giving directions? This kind of attitude is exactly what reinforces sexist myths and practices. So, sorry you're job is sooo difficult but keep your "bulge" and sexist remarks to yourself asshole, mmmkay?
answering da phone?
that sounds like a lady job!
yuck, yuck! are youuse a lady?
First, you're a sexist piece of shit - go fuck yourself. Second, try offering a bit of decent customer service. I dunno, maybe cater to what people want? Weird concept...I know. If someone wants to hear 'turn right on X St, then left on Y St', SO WHAT?! Why does that bother you so much? I get the 'not having your time wasted' thing..trust me. But rant about something real next time...this is lame.
..and oh yea, did I tell you to go fuck yourself?
...ah yes...I did...twice now! Well here's a third - GO FUCK YOURSELF :)

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